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NHOE is able to develop delivery items for its customers at system level. NHOE is able to understand and develop specifications (requirements) coming from the client and process them in order to obtain a completely satisfactory design. We can provide design for structural architecture , mechanics, electromechanics, electronics and software. For the mechanical part, we use the most modern 3D CAD software coordinating the design with the appropriate checks, applying advanced materials (Al, Steel, Ti, CFRP, KFRP) according to MIL and ESA Standard, documenting everything with an organized management of 2D (documentation). Concerning 2D CAD particular care is taken in drawing trees / product configuration and revisions management both on AS Design and As Built. Unambiguous direct correlation between 3D CAD models and FEM / FEA models, to obtain 2D drawings, is considered fundamental. In order to obtain machinery and / or equipment of high quality, reliability and cost consistent , Motors and Actuators in general and their control system choice, is essential; NHOE is responsible for the complete development of control systems due to the proven experience in the industry. Particular attention is given to safety matters related to the design aspects in relation to new legislation on machinery (2006/42/CE), especially when systems or machines with electromechanical parts that require software and logical control are supplied. The constant application of quality assurance systems leads to the achievement of a design that is always aligned with the standards, the specifications and the introduction of continuous improvement.