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Nuclear safety and radiation protection with regard to planning, commissioning and decommissioning of nuclear installations and the radwaste management.

Radiation Safety

Radiation protection for workers and the public.
Dose limitation and implementation of ALARA.
Program Requirements for radiation protection of nuclear installations and its implementation.

Reliability and risk

Analysis of reliability and security components and systems.
Application of methods for Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) plants: quantification and analysis of results and evaluation of remedial measures.

Quality Managment

NHOE applies to activities:
- Quality Control
- Quality Assurance
- Quality Improvement

NHOE is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by Cermet


Security objectives and options for decommissioning.
Overall Review of Decommissioning Plans (ODPs), main stage. Characterization of radiological installations.
Radiation protection and environment protection during the decommissioning.
Review of business plans including decontamination, dismantling, maintenance and waste management.